52 Week Illustration Challenge

Hello! I hope everyone has had a great start to 2014. I’ve kick-started my new year by joining a Facebook Illustration Challenge – one illustration a week for 52 weeks. I’ve only just joined so still trying to catch up on the first 4 weeks. A theme is set each week to work to and posted every Wednesday. I have to say it’s having a fantastic effect on my motivation after getting the little ones back to school and kindy. Definitely getting that creative vibe back after 6 weeks of doing things with the kids!

This is my most recent illustration which was Week 4: “Selfie”. I illustrated myself aged 6 years old in Adobe Illustrator. Using my very first school photograph as reference brought back memories of my first “proper” haircut, and a favourite soft red cardigan knitted by my lovely mum.


Week 3’s illustration theme was “Caravan”. For this one I moved away from my computer screen for a change, and got out my old watercolour pencils and watercolour pad. Half of my pencils are now missing, due to my kids messy art sessions, so I had a slightly limited colour palette (hence the blue wheel, couldn’t find black anywhere!), but it was refreshing to draw and paint, and not have an “undo” button to change any mistakes! I finished off my illustration with a bit of doodling in ink over the top.


I still have to catch up on Week 1 which was “Egg”, and Week 2 which was “Kids”, so watch this space! I’m a bit higgledy piggledy so I may end up doing this weeks challenge first, which is “Flower”….

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