Illustration Challenges Week 1 and 9

Here are my latest illustrations for my weekly challenges. I’m a little behind at the moment but here is my Tree for Week 9 – I used Copic fine pen on watercolour paper, and then dawdled around for a week trying to decide whether adding colour would ruin it… Finally did it because the urge to paint it was too much. The results turned out quite differently, and I still can’t decide which I prefer.

I also went right back to the beginning and finished Eggs (this was the first challenge way back in January). Because it’s taken me so long to do this one it seemed appropriate to make it an Easter themed one! Mind you, I think I may have spotted my first easter eggs to buy in the shops before Santa even had time to put his sleigh away this year!

Hope you enjoy looking at my illustrations this week.

Week 9: Tree.

Pen and ink on watercolour paper
Same as above with a watercolour wash added.

Week 1: Eggs.

Digitial illustration in Adobe Photoshop, with photographed backgrounds and fabrics.

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