New beginnings

I am currently reading an ebook by artist Kelly Rae Roberts. I’ve admired her for some time now, not just because I love her style but also because of her inspiring journey from social worker to successful artist.

The first piece of advice to jump out was to connect with your blog and be as genuine as possible. I’m a very guarded person so opening up doesn’t come too easily to me but from now on I’m going to try to inject a little more of “me” into my blog posts.

I’m not a writer. I’m a graphic designer and have been a graphic designer for around 20 years. Until earlier this year that was what I did, it was what I’ve always done and all I thought I could ever do. However, earlier this year I started an illustration challenge through facebook and all of a sudden I was back to being a child again when drawing, painting, making was all I wanted to do all day, every day. So inspired was I that ideas came tumbling into my head quicker than I could create them. The world suddenly seemed full of possibilities again. Maybe I could try to make something that people will actually want to buy…? How cool would that be?

I bravely opened an Etsy shop and started listing party printables that I had created for my own kids parties over the years plus a few more new designs. My excitement hit the roof when I got my very first order. So, that’s where I’m at. Every time I get a new order, the excitement is the same. Someone out there likes what I’m doing, hoorah! It’s early days yet and I’m still first and foremost a graphic designer but maybe one day I’ll also be able to officially call myself an entrepreneur with a flourishing home based business and… maybe, dare I be so bold… an artist. Not quite yet but maybe one day…

So that’s it really. This blog will be about me. Design. Illustration. Anything that makes me smile or inspires me really. Maybe some personal parenting anecdotes thrown in for good measure (although that’s a completely different story and almost worthy of a blog in its own right).

So for today, just words, none of my images to hide behind. Not exactly of the ground breaking, soul baring stuff but its a start.

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