Something magical happened over the weekend….

My kids were disagreeing over something (to put it politely), while I was trying to work at my computer, and basically all hell was breaking loose around me. After several attempts to quieten things down to no avail, I gave up on the computer and silently got out my drawing pad. Then continued to work on my illustration for this weeks challenge theme: Black & White.

All of a sudden. Silence.

Then: “Whatcha doing Mummy?”.


“Whatcha drawing?”


"Black & White" in progress
“Black & White” in progress

Suddenly there was a little gathering at the table. A shuffling to get paper and pens, then more silence. Ok, this is not unusual for Miss 7, who would draw all day every day if she could. But for energetic little Mr 5 this is quite magical…

Mr 5: “I’m going to create a whole army of rats. There are going to be lots of them.” He then proceeded to draw and carefully cut out each rat (inspired by the movie Ratatouille I might add, not because we have a rat infestation). He spent a good few hours creating and cutting, happily commentating on each and every rat.

Army of rats

“This one is called Mister Wobbly Head, because he has a wobbly head.”

Mister Wobbly Head

Yes, he actually has a wobbly head, so why not call him Mister Wobbly Head? We can learn so much from 5 year olds. I inspired him to draw but he inspires me in so many other ways. And they didn’t fight for the rest of the day. Now that really is magic.

“Ratatouille” by Miss 7

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