You Sexy Mother goes live!

Hi there! Ok, I opened this blog a week ago, and ever since then I have been trying to decide what to post as my first ever blog. It was going to be something witty, yet inspirational, full of moments over the last week that have inspired me in my quest for great and beautiful design. Something that someone somewhere would want to read! I have now thought about it far too much and have too many possible perfect first blogs flying around my head to mention!

However, today I have some very exciting first blog worthy news to share! The new You Sexy Mother website designed by Mookoo Design has gone live today. Any mums out there who are already familiar with the You Sexy Mother books by Jodie Hedley-Ward will know that she is revolutionising today’s busy mums with her life-changing approach to motherhood (and on top of all that she is a pretty cool mum herself too!).

Anyway, this website has kind of been my baby (no.3!) for the last couple of months and while I haven’t actually had to change its nappy or soothe teething pains, it has certainly kept me up at night. By that I mean that my ideas always seem to come to me late at night when everyone else in the house is sleeping peacefully and the silence is music to my fingertips! This has become my special time to design and create and put down on paper (or computer) all those ideas that are flying around my head the rest of the time!

Check out the new You Sexy Mother website at – I would love to hear what you think! (And check out the Follow Your Bliss blog for an article about Mookoo Design!) Thanks to Jodie for the opportunity to work with you on such an amazing project!

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  1. Wow, love the new website. I was already familiar with the old You Sexy Mother website so I was pleasantly surprised when I checked it out a few days ago to order a book for a friend and found such a gorgeous site in its place!!! Great work Mookoo!Thanks!Julie

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