A perfect Sunday treat

Having lived in the heart of the UK for most of my life, a trip to the seaside was always considered a big treat to us as children. However, since moving to the Coast and starting our family here in Australia, a trip to the city has sort of become my new treat. So, yesterday we excitedly packed up our car in anticipation of a day in Brisbane. It was one of those perfect Queensland Winter days, sunny and warm but not blistering, spent drinking lattes, eating ice creams and browsing the craft markets at South Bank (ok, that last one my partner decided to sit out). Which is where I picked up this gorgeous vintagey fabric from a stall called Voodoo Rabbit. I have no idea what to use it for but I loved it for the illustrations which reminded me of favourite dolly dress up books from my childhood. It will probably go into my inspiration box for now, as I can’t bear to cut it up. If anyone has any ideas, let me know!

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  1. Oh it is super cute! You should frame it and hang it in your office! Its way too cute to cut up.

  2. Hi Deborah – congratulations on your beautiful blog and website – I really love the blue and brown tones! Your cute fabric find reminds me of some lovely doll cushions I saw at a recent market – you might like them too!http://www.hideandseekmarket.com.au/friends.html

  3. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I checked out the Hide & Seek link – loved the dolls, another idea to store up! My mum is an amazing sewer, a talent that sadly didn't get passed down to me, as my own skills in that department are very limited. However, my mum is visiting us early next year – she is always greeted (first with a kiss of course) and then with a pile of repairs and things to create!

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