Happy New Year

Resolutions. I make the usual “cut down on coffee and chocolate” ones every year, usually broken by New Years Day, but this year I resolve to nurture my blog. It has been very badly neglected thus far, and badly in need of some tender loving care, so here goes… happy new year and here’s to 2011 and fellow bloggers everywhere!

So, quite fittingly I thought, I would like my first blog of 2011 to reflect my feelings for the year ahead, and a recent find in a book shop seemed like the perfect place to start. The Secret Lives of Princesses – wow, the most amazing illustrations and slightly alternative and somewhat rebellious princesses all in one book. They even have their own website: http://secretlivesofprincesses.com. Ok, I do kid myself when purchasing these books that they are for my daughter, but everyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for a beautifully illustrated children’s book.

So… which princess are you? I see myself as a cross between Princess Somnia (ha, ha, I wish with 2 small children) and Princess Oblivia (mainly because I love her hat, but also because I always seem to be the last one to drop off at Kindy!)

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  1. Hi Deborah – it's nice to see you back in the blogosphere! What a lovely book – I think I'm like Princess Oblivia too – a bit time challenged! Kind regards, Jenine

  2. Thanks Jenine and fellow Princess Oblivia! Yes, time… if only there were more hours in the day (and evenings too)! Kind regards, Deborah

  3. Loooove this book Deborah – did you buy it at Books on Buderim? It looks like one of theirs (ie one of a kind AND girly!). It looks like a book we Should all buy for our daughters….or as you say, who are we kidding, for ourselves!

  4. Hi Donna, it was actually from one of the book shops on Hastings Street. I have a whole shelf full of books purchased 'for my daughter'…. the shelf is just out of her reach but she does get to look at them (occasionally)!

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