Sleeping Beauty

Another personal project for my 4 year old “client”. This has been my obsession for the last few weeks. My brief was Sleeping Beauty, and she must be beautiful, and have long golden hair. Hope the finished creation meets the brief for my discerning client…

Here is the finished painting in acrylic on canvas:

…and here is a (much requested) step by step tutorial about how Sleeping Beauty came to life (or sleep). I remembered to take lots of painting in progress photos this time!

Step 1: A (very) rough sketch in pen on paper

Step 2: Transfer sketch to the canvas in pencil

Step 3: The first splash of colour on a clean white canvas.
Painting in the large areas – starting with the hair… 

…and then the background

Step 4: With most of the large areas of colour roughly in place,
I then start to add some detail to the hair and face.

Step 5: Adding more detail, and wondering, at this stage, if this painting
is ever going to come together the way I can picture it in my mind!
Have to tell myself to have faith.

Step 6: Keep adding the detail and colour depth.
This is where I get obsessive and my 4 year old
keeps asking “is it finished now Mummy?”

Step 7: Many late nights (and a few changes) later…
Put the paint brushes down and move away from the canvas!!!
Finished at last!
Now I’ve got the bug… what shall I paint next…? 

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