Digital vs. traditional

I’ve been experimenting with different techniques for my illustrations and decided to create a digital version of my Sleeping Beauty painting, using Adobe Illustrator. They have both turned out so different, I’m not sure which one I prefer! Time wise, the digital one took me a few hours, whereas the painting took several weeks! Also, the “undo” button would be very handy if it could be applied to a painting as well as computers…

Sleeping Beauty in digital – Adobe Illustrator

Sleeping Beauty in acrylic on canvas

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  1. Wow that is a tough one – I opened this thinking that hands down it would be the painted version as I always love brush strokes, but I really love the illustrator version – I am so surprised that it is digital actually – it is amazing the effects you can have using Adobe programs. I am stuck and can't make a decisino. Sorry! I think if it is illustrations that you need to produce reasonably quickly then illustrator is the way to go but if it is to hang on a wall, then canvas definitely. The thing that strikes me about the digital version is the transparency you have achieved through the hair etc. It's gorgeous!

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